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📅 2024-07-13 @ 23:31
The modern QWERTY keyboard apparently stems from Christopher Latham Sholes 1867 keyboard. To imagine a keyboard is still the best way to interact with a computer is bewildering, but this is where we all are years later.

📅 2024-07-08 @ 15:37
A GADA watch is one you can wear in any health.

📅 2024-07-06 @ 10:10
You don't need to be a syntax nazi to be antisemantical!

📅 2024-07-03 @ 09:51
He who's been bitten by SQL will turn into a WHERE wolf.

📅 2024-06-28 @ 09:11
In reality much of our stack seem to evolve according to the principle of survival of the hardest to deprecate.

📅 2024-06-27 @ 08:39
It is with disease I have to let you know that STI stands for sexually transmittable inheritance and its not as benign as it sounds.

📅 2024-06-24 @ 08:15
The --force option is upsetting to many people who have been forced to do something, mainly children.

📅 2024-06-19 @ 08:48
Child abuse was awful in 1984 too, let's not return to those times.

📅 2024-06-18 @ 23:16
Politicians on average understand just as little about any one subject as they do about technology, that's meant to be scary!

📅 2024-06-17 @ 13:28
What do you call a really long lived pull request? A branch-ausaurus!

📅 2024-06-16 @ 22:46
Google play store is absolute garbage much like amazon is absolute garbage. Its a bloody race to the bottom and we're approaching the goal posts.

📅 2024-06-15 @ 16:04
The what-if phase of software development is the best phase regardless of what comes next.

📅 2024-06-13 @ 23:10
The old web was never lost, it just couldn't compete for our attention.

📅 2024-06-11 @ 09:20
TIL: bash has builtin macro recording with the usual emacs inspired shortcuts!

📅 2024-06-08 @ 09:41
Keep the tech stack to a minimum to maximize productivity.