(macroexpand 'brain)

📅 2024-07-14 @ 11:08
Far too early to tell if this bloody guy just pierced his way to power again right now.

📅 2024-07-14 @ 08:13
Subscript to a comic strip: Oh no, one candidate is too old, who will save us? Look it's Traitor-Fellon-Word-Salad man!

📅 2024-07-05 @ 13:59
Always make sure the horse you're betting on is the stable genius.

📅 2024-07-03 @ 10:34
Make sure to read the fine print on any social contract you sign, that's how they get you!

📅 2024-07-01 @ 23:13
People of America, like your statue you need to blindfold yourselves and start listening to the argument that is being made in your name.

📅 2024-06-27 @ 23:28
As the pension age increases we should consider to adjust the teen ages by introducing the twenteen right after nineteen.

📅 2024-06-24 @ 08:12
Politically I'm a pine tree, I do not lean and I do not move.

📅 2024-06-19 @ 08:48
Child abuse was awful in 1984 too, let's not return to those times.

📅 2024-06-18 @ 23:16
Politicians on average understand just as little about any one subject as they do about technology, that's meant to be scary!

📅 2024-06-13 @ 21:02
That fame is even a factor in elections to public office is a disgrace, that it may be the only factor for parts of the electorate is a disaster.

📅 2024-06-10 @ 13:04
People say they despise career politicians because they have never held a real job. Do they not know they are all sheep farmers?

📅 2024-06-10 @ 09:41
A people can only be truely ruled by first destroying its imagination.

📅 2024-06-08 @ 18:44
Bittorrent pirates should only be judged by a jury of their peers, they would always acquit!

📅 2024-06-04 @ 12:51
New parliamentary title just dropped: amplifier of the house.

📅 2024-06-04 @ 11:55
Tolerance is a labyrinth with many dead ends.

📅 2024-06-04 @ 11:36
As long as we are banning the hijab, can we do the wimple next and what about socks and sandals?

📅 2024-05-12 @ 19:13
Instead of ending white male privilege we should expand it to all colors and genders!