(macroexpand 'brain)

πŸ“… 2024-07-14 @ 08:13
Subscript to a comic strip: Oh no, one candidate is too old, who will save us? Look it's Traitor-Fellon-Word-Salad man!

πŸ“… 2024-07-05 @ 19:30
We should rename the bird TΓΌrkiye just to mess with a certain autocrat.

πŸ“… 2024-06-24 @ 08:15
The --force option is upsetting to many people who have been forced to do something, mainly children.

πŸ“… 2024-06-12 @ 11:25
If you ever feel like a failure remember that really stupid people never make mistakes they just operate.

πŸ“… 2024-06-05 @ 12:52
Why would anybody not want to force push their changes to the masters of this world?

πŸ“… 2024-05-17 @ 08:11
According to my research, buying and wearing shredded jeans is cultural appropriation of poor people.