(macroexpand 'brain)

📅 2024-07-01 @ 08:43
Had your life come with history commands would you be more inclined to undo or redo?

📅 2024-06-23 @ 15:32
It was never a mystery why the bow and arrow was replaced by the boomstick, the mystery is why the boomstick has not been replaced by compassion.

📅 2024-06-12 @ 14:08
If Leonardo da Vinci could fake it until he made it then so can you!

📅 2024-06-10 @ 09:41
A people can only be truely ruled by first destroying its imagination.

📅 2024-05-18 @ 10:50
Imagine had Hitler been a grammar nazi instead of an actual.

📅 2024-05-13 @ 20:19
If its true that history is a repeating cycle someone ought to really shove a stick into the wheel.