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📅 2024-07-07 @ 22:14
That which is practical is never going to be sexy, these qualities are just incongruent.

📅 2024-07-01 @ 22:49
A firm opinion is only possible with a weak analysis.

📅 2024-07-01 @ 08:43
Had your life come with history commands would you be more inclined to undo or redo?

📅 2024-06-25 @ 22:22
Risk and reward have very differing densities.

📅 2024-06-21 @ 20:57
Most life choices are not dressed up as choices at all!

📅 2024-06-21 @ 11:12
Life is a struggle between what you want to do, what people around you expect you to do and what yet unwritten history books might want you to do.

📅 2024-06-17 @ 08:01
If the younger generation believe the older generation to be dinosaurs they ought to be more careful.

📅 2024-06-14 @ 22:08
Lies are on average longer and more wordy than truths, beware of long winding explanations.

📅 2024-06-14 @ 11:22
The more abstract and complex the problem the more assertive and certain the problem solver yielding complexity as a shield against any critisism of the proposed solution.

📅 2024-06-13 @ 09:29
Perfection only exists in the abscence of competition.

📅 2024-06-11 @ 15:16
It's perculiar how most of the things that make life enjoyable is also going to kill you in the end.

📅 2024-06-10 @ 12:57
No matter how much a man learns it won't make a dent on the mountain of ignorance he carries on his back.