(macroexpand 'brain)

📅 2024-07-02 @ 19:15
Web pages that don't render properly in eww are rarely worth the visit.

📅 2024-06-26 @ 13:22
Emacs bankruptcy just means your config is not sufficiently large to be too big to fail.

📅 2024-06-22 @ 18:03
Emacs is a journey that all too often is terminated by the voyager calling a cab to get back to civilization.

📅 2024-06-18 @ 23:20
Eww is both my web browser and how I feel about the modern web for the most part.

📅 2024-06-05 @ 10:19
Emacs and I know each other so well that Emacs is even M-/ finishing my sentences.

📅 2024-06-03 @ 23:12
Emacs in your pocket - after all isn't this what mankind was always set out to accomplish?

📅 2024-05-30 @ 22:43
I'm editing html code on my phone with onscreen keyboard in emacs running in termux utilizing web-mode and enjoying it!