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About nthcdr

You have reached the digital wasteland of nthcdr whom you may contact using: .

This is my playground, I wouldn't call it a blog though there might be content that could pass for being blog posts. It's just a place for me to jot things down, play around with web stuff and enjoy org-mode.

I occasionally post on mastodon. I have another microblog of sorts.

A longing for ye old wide web

I hope to make these pages fun and or interesting, to myself first and foremost, but you are invited to enjoy them as well. I long for the good old web before it got hijacked by greed and put into silos.

We may perhaps never get that back, but I suppose these pages can be my contribution to the effort.

These pages get generated by org-mode which is a wonderful thing as it affords us (through babel) to write little nifty functions to call in our document. Here is one conjuring up some beautiful parenthesis:


And here is a link to a whole page full of beautiful parenthesis!